Willie is a lemur who appears in the film Madagascar and the TV series All Hail King Julien.


Willy is a lemur who first appears in the second episode in which he is told that he is to become the captain of King Julien's first navy ship named Old Porceleinesides. He appears to be slightly smarter then the other lemur's as he was imminently distraught by the fact that the ship he was to captain didnt look very seaworthy. Still with some motivation from Maurice (who poked him with a stick to get him to move towards the boat) he was smart enough to accept the honor. His worries about the boat being unseaworthy are confirmed later in the episode when the boat starts sinking, a few minutes later after King Julien flipped the switch to release the boat into the water. He is later seen in the episode being attacked by very aggressive dolphins while the boat is sinking. When he is angry with King Julien for putting him in this predicament (the sinking ship), he lets himself be bribed with the mango's king Julien was sharing to increase his popularity. After catching the mango he screams your alright King J. He is either very lucky, able to swim or rescued from the water by Clover, as he appears in the next episode in which he celebrates Franksgiving in the honor of the sky god named Frank. He was trying to smuggle in more then one wishing stone in the wishing balloon something which he is called out for by Maurice. He also screams, “We’re all gonna die!” when danger is present, and says “What the heck, man!?” when people say mean things about him, because no one likes him.



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